AND ENTANGLEMENT (captured/projected image)

realized as LATA-PO-KLATKACH with Chry-Ptus by Eliane Radigue at the Musica Genera Festival, 2009
Two parallel staircase systems are dynamically adjusted to one another by transporting their most variable qualities (wall surface color) through a series of intuitively driven recordings, fine-tunings and projections.
The work relies on a body-mounted CAPTURE-PROJECTION entanglement (C)=(P) which binds comparable A and B volumes of space/wall surface with the occupants and spatially distributed sound composition.
The shared features of two parallel staircase systems are marked to highlight their spatial bond. Steps are numbered 1a, 2a ....1b, 2b..., rails are covered with transparent plastic and capture/projection stations (Cn, Pn) are mounted along staircase rails. Both environments are saturated with adjustable volume of sound.
The latent dynamics of the system are revealed through subtle divergencies in stair count and rhythm
and carried through a trasport corridor
The wall color, lifted from a capture area, is measured against it's own projection
The wall teleportation invokes a Particles of Light Teleportation experiment conducted between Alice and Bob laboratories in Vienna and based on a precise system of measurements and transformations applied to photons.