part of "You an Me Sometimes ..." at Lehman Maupin Gallery, curated by Sandra Antelo-Suarez
the BIND -- Elka Krajewska bound at wrists: (Right Hand) - Video Camera, (Left Hand) - Projector and Secondary small digital Camera -- in constant motion : capturing, recording and projecting live image
BOUND originated as a spontaneous action at Orchard Gallery in October 2007 during Karin Schneider's Image Coming Soon exhibition. It was in response to a fragment of Schneider/ Guagnini 1997 Phantom Limb movie that incorporated a filmed, one-person demonstration of Lygia Clark's Hand Dialog: an elastic Möbius band made for Clark and Hélio Oiticica in 1966.
the LEADING LIGHTS -- by Anthony McCall: two arcs of LEDs -- FLOOR LIGHTS (20 - initially all ON), WALL LIGHTS (10 - initially all OFF).
the WALK-THROUGH: timed by live sound performance transmitted from a remote location (expected: 15 minutes, actual : 20 minutes) capturing, projecting and recording, switching Leading Lights ON and OFF, with movement guided by the layout of the Light Path (direction), transmitted sound (speed & duration) and the motion of spectators
the SOUND SCORE - live performance by Bunita Marcus - conceived to slow down the WALK-THROUGH, transmitted from a remote location
although some people seem to remember hearing music ( John Reed in Brooklyn Rail writes: "a score by Bunita Marcus ommed quietly in the recesses ...") -- the sound was actually not heard by the "audience", unless it was overheard through Elka's headphones
the music performance was transmitted, over the cellphone, to Elka's headphones from Bunita Marcus' studio at Piano Magic
fragment of Bunita Marcus live performance
fragment of Bunita Marcus transmission

both cameras (projector hand and camera hand) were recording, below -- video stills from both sources

the two recordings were installed, for one day, at Lehman Maupin gallery as a double projection, accompanied by a set of diagramatic scores
existing audio recordings:
  1. ambient audio from Karin Schneider video documentation
  2. ambient audio from Camera Hand of the Bind
  3. audio recording of the call transmission (from the audio mixer)
  4. sound recording of Bunita Marcus performance at Piano Magic
existing video recordings:
  1. video documentation of the WALK-THROUGH by Karin Schneider (source for documentation video stills)
  2. video recording from Camera Hand of the BIND
  3. video recording from Projector Hand of the BIND
  4. HD video recording of Bunita Marcus performance at remote location
SCORES by Krajewska and McCall: motion and time scores based on Leading Lights paths and video documentation